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How to Use Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

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How to Use Fiber Laser Marking Machine?


With the development of science and technology, now laser marking machine in many industries has become indispensable equipment. In order to complete the more important work tasks, the corresponding use of the steps will be complex, we need to use the fiber laser marking machine according to the manual. The following is a small introduction by ZDS.

Fiber laser marking machine of several common problems:

1. Chiller cooling role is not good. Impurities in the cooling water will lead to cooling is not normal, more impurities.

2. Fiber laser marking machine light is not normal.

(1) Laser tube damage or aging, laser power supply equipment damage.

(2) laser optical path of the reflector and lens deflection.

3. Marking / engraving depth is not enough.

(1) If the laser output power is too low engraving speed is too fast will lead to marking depth is not enough. Of course, the aging of the laser tube bow | up the problem, the laser power supply is not enough to marking depth is not enough to have an impact.

(2) If the fiber laser marking machine and the data line between the computer is not connected, the host switch, connect the data line.

What is the use of laser marking machine?

The order of the switch must be correct, the correct power-on sequence is.

1. Turn on the incoming power, open the key switch.

(1) developed to high-power full-curing laser and laser special, laser marking machine use process principle and semiconductor laser marking machine at this time the machine pumping and refrigeration system is energized, the ammeter shows the value of 7A or so.

(2) wait 5 ~ 10 seconds, press the trigger button on the external control panel, the ammeter display value of zero, 3 ~ 5 seconds later, the ammeter display value of 7A.

(3) Turn on the power supply of the galvanometer.

(4) Open the computer, call out the desired marking file.

(5) Adjust the laser power to the working current (10 ~ 18A), you can start marking. Shutdown order is the opposite.

2. Fiber laser marking machine work before you must start the cooling system. Because the fiber laser in the work, will produce a very high temperature, even two or three seconds of time without cooling, will make the laser tube explosion. The faster the flow rate, the more favorable for cooling, so the cooling water flow rate should be fast, and regularly replace the cooling water. Cooling water in the process of rapid flushing laser tube will produce impurities, these impurities adsorbed in the laser tube above the cooling effect of its deterioration, so the cooling water should be regularly replaced.

Laser power supply, machine bed must have good grounding protection. The need is: (1) laser tube life time extension. (2) laser power supply to ensure the normal operation. (3) outside interference caused by the machine tool to prevent jumping. (4) high-voltage discharge accidentally caused by circuit damage prevention.

Through the introduction of the above ZDS we understand the fiber laser marking machine, ZDS products include automatic online CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, FPC laser cutting machine, and other types of laser applications, the company has experienced the wind and rain, and has won the recognition of the market. Welcome customers and friends to contact and purchase!