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What Industries Can X-Ray Equipment Be Used for NDT?

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What Industries Can X-Ray Equipment Be Used for NDT?

2024-03-08 11:37:30

The manufacturing sector is promising and , with technological advances and globalization trends, will continue to usher in innovation, intelligence and sustainable development, providing important support for economic growth and employment. Which undoubtedly provides a broad development opportunity for the development of x-ray nondestructive testing.


Nondestructive testing is a technique for detecting defects, chemical and physical parameters of materials, parts and equipment without damaging or affecting the performance of the object under test. Today we take a look at x-ray nondestructive testing can be applied to which industries it.

1. Aluminum castings industry

Aluminum castings are widely used in automotive parts, machinery manufacturing, computers, electronics, medical equipment, clock instruments, hardware, aerospace and other industries, in these industries, you can use x-ray nondestructive testing to detect defects in aluminum castings, so that the quality of the product has been greatly improved.

2. Steel cylinders, gas cylinders industry

The quality of steel cylinders and gas cylinders is closely related to the safety of people's lives. For quality issues, the state has promulgated relevant national standards, the use of x-ray nondestructive testing technology will greatly reduce the occurrence of cylinder and gas cylinder explosion, to ensure consumer safety.

3. Diameter pipe industry

Shaped tube is generally used for winding inductors, the quality of which directly affects the service life of the furnace body. The inductor is cooled by AC converter and continuous cold water in order to avoid heat and failure of the furnace body itself, the quality of small diameter pipe, shaped tube weld directly affects the normal operation of the whole machine, the use of x-ray non-destructive testing technology, become one of the key factors in quality control.

4. Lithium battery industry

According to the internal structure of lithium battery, the cathode is encapsulated in the anode, and the middle isolation band is used to prevent the anode and cathode from short-circuiting. If the finished battery is used, its internal structure cannot be detected. Using x-ray nondestructive testing technology to align the cathode and anode to ensure that the isolation state is normal is a key step to ensure the safety of monitoring data.