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UPKTECH-930 Selective Coating Machine

Selective Coating Machine

UPKTECH-930 Selective Coating Machine

This equipment accurately and selectively applies glue, paint, or protective coatings to circuit boards, applying paint only to areas that need it and avoiding areas that don't.

    Product Description

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    7 Jan 2019
    ● X Y Z three-axis motion accurately realizes the selective spraying process of various circuit boards avoiding non-coating areas such as connectors.
    ● It can realize multi-trajectory spraying such as dot coating, linear spraying, and curved spraying, and complete the high-density and complex circuit board spraying process.
    ● It can effectively and evenly coat the edge of the device and eliminate the spray shadow effect.
    ● Transmission and control system with high speed, high reliability and high stability.
    ● Able to realize high-density complex circuit board spraying and dispensing processes.
    ● The equipment has an intelligent electric width adjustment function (the board width can be adjusted electrically by inputting the width). Whole line docking: The equipment is equipped with SMT industry standard SMEMA interface, which can be used for signal docking with other equipment.

    Technical Parameters

    Equipment dimensionsL*W*H L1060mm*W1240mm*H1700mm
    Equipment platform T25mm steel plate ground and chrome plated
    Control method Industrial computer + motion control card
    Operation method Computer control
    Programmatically Manual teaching
    Running program storage quantity More than 1000
    PCB Transmission height 910±20mm
    Transport speed 0-5000mm/min
    Conveying method Chain conveyor (35B 5mm extended pin stainless steel chain)
    Transmission motor 2 stepper motors
    PCB width range 50-450mm Adjustable
    Adjustment method Intelligent electric adjustment
    Adjust drive mode Stepper motor + double precision screw drive
    X.Y-axis drive method Servo motor + precision sealed screw module drive
    X.Y-axis maximum running speed 800mm/s
    X.Y-axis repeatability ±0.02mm
    Z-axis maximum running speed 300mm/s
    Z axis drive method Servo motor + precision sealed screw module drive
    Z-axis repeatability ±0.02mm
    Glue valve type Equipped with 1 precision atomization valve H-905 and 1 striker type dispensing valve H-D01
    PCB board size MAX:L450*W450
    PCB board component height MAX:±110mm
    Atomised spray width 3-10mm
    Bucket volume One 10L stainless steel inner tank without agitation pressure tank + one 2L stainless steel pressure tank for cleaning
    Cleaning function Equipment comes with cleaning function
    lighting part Equipment comes with lighting source
    Detection part Equipment comes with fluorescent agent detection light source
    Equipment weight Approx.700KG
    Equipment power supply AC220V 50HZ
    Equipment air source 4-6kgf/cm2
    Total equipment power 1.8KW

    More Details

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    Honorary Customer

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    Q: Can both UV glue and conformal paint be sprayed?
    A: All can be sprayed, and different valve bodies can be matched according to different glues.

    Q: What conditions should the product meet? Is it necessary to have a fixture?
    A: The product must have a 5mm craft edge to place the product on. If there are no board edges, you will need to use clamps.

    Q: What is the accuracy of the equipment?
    A: Repeat accuracy ±0.02mm.

    Q: What is the size of the device? How big of a product can I make? Can it be made beyond this size?
    A: The equipment size is 1060mm long, 1200mm wide, and 1700mm high; it can meet the spraying needs of 450*450mm products.

    Q: Do you provide user manuals and operating videos to support us?
    A: We will provide free user manuals and operation videos, and 24-hour online support.